It's difficult to point to an exact time when this project began, especially because it involves collaboration across the creative processes of two people whose works have been evolving for a number of years.

It has been amazing to find the similarities between our works: the enjoyment of similar artists/writers/film-makers. We also share a fascination with the ways in which this century more than any other has facilitated intertextuality both by availing new technologies to text-makers and by enabling readers to think in ways that are pluralistic.

Because our ways of making texts and images meant that we both enjoyed "sampling" the works of others, we needed to consider issues related to copyright. We also wanted to intertext with works which we had made prior to 1999. Some of those works, then, have fed into "archiving imagination".

Weekly meetings were held in parks (with children); in cafés; in front of computers; next to ponds full of mutant rainbow trout; in seminar rooms; with scones and jam and cream; on ferries; in dreams and, of course, almost daily across the wonderful virtual space enabled by telecommunications cables and their attendant interfaces.F
or the sake of a record, though, it all began in the January of the last year of the millennium ...