June 1999: This was a month of virtual contact in which the P R O C E S S discussions reached their initial fulfillment. Several pieces are still in flux. Seabed is next. And then back to the mutant rainbow trout. As well as the intensive virtual contact, however, Robin, Zac, Elsie, Fischer and Diane all ventured up the mountain (Mt Wellington) on a crisp blue-sky Winter's day. On the summit there is a rather ghastly building with excellent acoustics: an enclosed lookout. While the children silently ate pikelets, Robin recorded Diane reading "seabed", accompanied by voluminous winds. He also recorded the wind singing solo. Later, in Diane's uncarpeted hallway, Robin recorded Diane reading "seabed" again with and without the accompaniment of Robin's footsteps on the wooden floorboards.

July 1999: Diane attended a screening of several works by Robin which are outside the ARCHIVING project. Two video loops and an interactive piece with images of sticks, fish, hands, flour, dough and feet set her writing again. "Tension Lullaby" began.