monday 3rd february 1999:

Robin and I met in Mit Zitrone at 10 am for coffee, but I had to have tomato juice as I'm never drinking coffee again ...
I scribbled on an entire week's worth of diary page. I loved the screen snatches Robin had made for our piece "& you". At first Robin thought I only liked it because it was a screen snatch (which I'd never seen before, and which I thought was pretty groovy), but then I explained that I liked the framing effect and we talked about Albert Tucker's image of an aged Sunday Reid looking back at her wall upon which is hanging Sidney Nolan's helmeted Ned Kelly riding a horse and looking like a centaur. I like fictions within fictions. I like the telescoping affect of having boxes within boxes within ...
Robin talks about putting the viewer into a fictive space and about distancing them. I say YES this is what I like. I find that addressing the viewer so directly and almost commanding them to BE somewhere is a bit overpowering, but if the view inside the screen is far away, then the narrative voice is also further off, less confronting, less bossy.
Robin talks a lot about art aspiring to be music.
I remember reading in the Bible something about music coming from nowhere, and how amazing it was. But later when I try and find it, it seems that the idea arrived in a dream and the words I thought I read aren't there at all.

friday 12th february 1999

short meeting: Robin will send me some Vermeer images to reverse/interrupt the process (which has been quite firmly established in the past. He's also sending me "Songs of Chaos", a digital image made by Robin.

friday 24th february 1999

I've started on the "Songs of Chaos" image. As well as a short narrative piece called "There", I've given Robin a picture of my great-grandmother (Elsie May after whom I named my daughter). It is this haunting image at which the narrator of "There" stares. We talked about the journey of Elsie May's father (a moor) from a small island in the Azores to Tasmania where he jumped ship to become an illegal alien here sometime in the early 1800s. He changed his surname from Swarz to Sward.